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News, March 21, 2012

Installed a new guestbook. The previous service ends at 01 April 2012.

News, March 14, 2011

Added Link to photo gallery of Abandoned Hahn Air Base

News, Nov. 23, 2009

Added Link to Hahn Air Base in english Wikipedia

News, July 14, 2006

Changed the link of Google Maps to Become a member and add your location, add or see places!

News, January 15, 2006

Added the new section Up-to-date photo!
You will find up-to-date photos in this section.
From time to time I will take photos of the base or the surrounding area and put them here!

News, September 20, 2005

Added new photos of the Atlantac Club/Saloon Luckie Luke!

Added Buechenbeuren in the Around the Base area

Checked the links and removed the not working ones.

News, June 29, 2005

Added the link to Google Maps to my homepage.

News, June 14, 2005

Fixed the graphic errors! Everything should be Ok now.
If you find anything looking wrong, just send me an e-mail!

News, June 2, 2005

Moved the homepage and domain to a new provider. That caused the site to be unavailable for the last 2 days! Sorry for that!
It may be that you will see some errors on the homepage. I will have a look for them in the next days!

I will be moving back to Lautzenhausen in August and hope to put more information on my homepage then!!!!

News, August 31, 2004

Updated the information on the Atlantic Club in Lautzenhausen.

Updated some information in My personal view.
(A hint: in the last two paragraphs).

Updated the links.

Cleaned up the guestbook (but only a bit).

Added two photos on the housing map and the Hahn Air Base map.
To see the photos just click on the blue marked buildings!!!
This was more for testing but there should be more in the future!

News, November 2003

Ok, finally I took some time to update at least the things on my homepage.
I didn't add new stuff but I hope to be able to do
that in the next weeks (but I don't promise :-))
The following pages had a closer look by
myself and received some changes or updates:

Around the base, Going out:
Atlantic Club
Da Franco
New York
Walter's Futterkrippe

I have checked almost all links to other sites, removed the
not working ones (which were almost all of the links) and added
some new links!
Please send me all links about the Hahn Air Base you have
so the links page is worth looking at!
Thank you!

My personal view on the Hahn Air Base:
I have just updated some things in my personal view.

News, February 2002

Added the complete hab map .
Still under construction but you can have a look at the map now.
In the future you will be able to see photos of most of the buildings on the map!

News, Oct. 05, 2001

I have added the Hahn Air Base Map .
I still have to work on it and add links
but I thought, you might want to have a look on it already!

News, June 30, 2001

Just did some minor corrections
and cleaned the guestbook
(I hope I removed all double entries!)

News, Jan. 06, 2001

Finally I have added the missing photos from
Hahn in Motion 2000.
(Sorry for the delay....)

News, Oct. 06, 2000

The guestbook is working again! 
Some entries are now twice in the guestbook
but I will fix that in the next weeks!

News, Oct. 02, 2000

Guestbook sent me an answer:

They have a problem with there servers.
Problem will be solved soon!

News, Sep. 24, 2000

The guestbook is not working for some days now.
I contacted Guestbook and I am
waiting for an answer.

More in the next days here!

Update Sep. 10, 2000

Added the Site Map .

Update July 01, 2000

Added photos of HAHN IN MOTION 2000 .

Added an old photo of the 'Haus Fürst Domink' .

Update, Apr. 02, 2000

Added the map of the Housing with a lot of photos!

Update, Jan. 29, 2000

Added some photos of the Hahn Air Base Hsopital .

Bad News II, Dec. 19, 1999

Now it's true: The guestbook is lost. Here is the mail, I received 
from the guestbook-makers:

Dear habMemorialHP,

As you know,  we recently suffered a significant outage with the server which 
handles your guestbook. 

A Disk Array failed on one of our many Guestbook Servers.  We replaced the 
failed hardware, but the data had been corrupted by the crash.  Our backup of 
the information turned out also to be corrupt.  Three of our best people along 
with Microsoft worked on the problem for days and finally reached the 
unfortunate conclusion that the data was gone for good.

What does this mean to you?

Your guestbook should be back on line and working.  Unfortunately, all of your
guest entries will be gone.  You can go to and enable any special 
settings (Guest screening; Custom <body> tag; Custom guest entry separator; 
Profanity, IP, and HTML filters;  Auto email settings and messages) on your 

We are extremely sorry for this disruption in your guestbook service and for 
the loss of your visitor's entries.  We know that guestbooks are an important 
part of many web sites, connecting the web master and visitors.

Many of you are among our longest running guestbook users.  In appreciation, 
we're quadrupling your guestbook entry  limit - your guestbook will now hold 
up to 1000 rather than 250 entries.  This change is already in effect.

We are grateful for the support and loyalty you have given GuestWorld in the 
past and hope that we can regain your confidence in the future.

If you have questions or concerns we hope you will contact us by replying to 
this message.

Don, Heather, Michelle, Don, Mary Beth
The GuestWorld Support Team

Please sign the guestbook to bring it back to life. I had over 240 guests in the 
guestbook and it would be great, if we could beat this number!!

Thank you!!

Bad News, Dec. 12, 1999

In the last days I tried to fix the guestbook. After nothing I tried was
working I wrote a mail to guestbook and hoped, they could help me.
The result: the guestbook is empty and still not working all the time.
I tried to download the guestbook before all entries were
deleted but that was one of the problems. I told the guys from
guestbook, that I need the guestbook with all entries
but I don't know, maybe they can't read.
I am really enraged.
Please use the guestbook to get it back to life!!!
There is still a little bit hope: maybe guestbook has a cpoy (I don't think so)
but I sent them a mail.

Info, Nov. 26, 1999

The guestbook is not working for some days now.
I planned to change there some things some time ago but
now, that it's somehow broken, I have to do something.
As always, it will take some time and some
entries (the last ones) may be lost. But it will be possible to view
the guestbook again.

Update, Oct. 30, 1999

Added some very interesting new links !! 
Just click on the links tab and have a look at the first entry!!
Fixed the counter again (hope so!).

 News, Oct. 10, 1999:

Some bad news: I had some trouble with my computer. The result: I lost all
photos, texts and mails you people sent me until the beginning of September.
That's the reason why I was not able to answer to your mails. I am very sorry for that.
So, please send me all you have about the Hahn Air Base!
Thank you!

Update Aug. 7, 1999:

Fixed the counter.

Update Aug. 1, 1999:

links will now be loaded into a new window with their URL and not under
(New photos and the Hahn Air Base map are still in work and it will take some time,
I am very busy at the moment).


© 2005 Marc Müller